Karen Kurtz - SFG II, SFG I, RKC II, RKC I, HKC, SFL Barbell

Karen Kurtz is the founder and owner of Kettle Belle Fitness, the only kettlebell specific studio in the region. Her background in fitness is further underscored by her background in architecture. Her love of physics in structures is applied to the love of physics in the human body. After picking up her first kettlebell, she immediately was drawn to the elegance of training with a simple weight that while on the surface seemed simple was actually extremely diverse in functionality and execution. Karen decided to specialize in kettlebell instruction. Karen is available for personal training sessions, group training, functional movement training, barbell training and TRX core strength training. Please contact her directly for more details at

  • Strongfirst Kettlebell Instructor: SFG II, SFG I
  • Strongfirst Barbell Instructor SFL
  • Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor: RKC II, RKC I, HKC
  • Specialist of Body Weight Strength
  • Aaron Mattes Active Isolated Stretching
  • Aaron Mattes Active Isolated Stretching Advanced
  • TRX Group, Personal (L1) and Sports Medicine Suspension Training (L2) Certified

Steph Lymch - SFG I

Ever since Stephanie can remember, she's been teaching herself about nutrition and physical health. In 2011, while reading one of her books, she came across a chapter dedicated to exercise, and more specifically, the kettlebell. It would change her life unlike anything else. She discovered a way of life that was simple, yet powerful in its results, and she loved it! After several years of consistent training, Stephanie earned her SFG1 Kettlebell Instructor certification. Her true joy and satisfaction comes from educating and sharing with others what she has learned so that they too may experience the value of strength and resiliency in their lives.
  • Strongfirst Kettlebell Instructor: SFG I
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