Kettle Belle Fitness is located in Westmont, New Jersey. We are an elite personal training facility, specializing in kettlebells, bodyweight training, barbell training and TRX to take your strength and training to new levels. The warm environment of the studio should not fool you. You will get a workout that will challenge you to your core. Whether you are a novice in training or experienced with weights…the mission of this studio is to get clients functionally strong, help them take it to the next level, and get ripped!

There is no need to purchase fancy footwear. Bare foot training is strongly encouraged for injury free workouts. Because proper weight training is a serious endeavor, approved footwear is mandatory for those who are uncomfortable with bare feet.

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Kettle Belle Fitness
332 Haddon Ave., Suite. B, Westmont, NJ 08108
phone: (856) 938-6415
fax: (856) 427-0896
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